Libra Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

An intense and busy week - Libra Weekly Horoscope for 5 - 11 April 2021

This week won't go unnoticed as you'll have to face a lot of work in all areas of your life


Libra, your prediction for these days reveals that it'll be very important you devote yourself to your partner. If you want your love to flourish again, you'll have to work on it. Pay attention to details and create conditions so that you can bond deeper.

When it comes to your family, things will go quite smoothly.  There will be no conflicts and everything will develop in perfect harmony. You'll feel relaxed and create a very pleasant atmosphere together with those around you.

The singles of the sign will be the ones who will benefit the most this week. You're very likely to start a passionate love affair with someone from a different culture.

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As far as your job is concerned, if you feel stuck, you should ask someone you trust for advice, as you don't want to make irresponsible decisions. You may also be eager to reflect on your goals.

Towards the middle of the week, you'll feel the need to take risks and look for other goals. You may want to try new things, a new profession perhaps, or have a more genuine interest in developing your skills within the company.

In the end, it'll lead you to act consistently and achieve good results. You'll get better working conditions and possibly even a higher salary. 


As for your health, you'll have to face some problems this week. Although they won't be serious, they'll require medical attention. You'll manage to recover quickly and your serenity will help you deal with the inconveniences caused by your discomfort. 

The problem is that you'll be very stressed, especially in the second half of the week.  You'll accumulate tensions until you're hardly able to manage them.

Pay attention to every signal your body is sending you. It's essential you take action before you have a nervous breakdown, or your body begins to somatize all the anxiety and turn it into diseases.

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