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Your Weekly Libra Horoscope for October 4 - 10, 2021

Libra, you must pamper yourself more









❤️ Love

Libra, this week you must adapt to novelties. You usually don't like changes and you find them difficult to assimilate, but it's just a matter of time. Bring out your chameleon-like side to make the process more enjoyable.

💰 Money

Libra, your Weekly Horoscope warns you that this week you'll have a lot of work. In case you see you can't handle it all, don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Avoid stressing out these days.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Devote more time to your physical well-being this week, Libra. You love pampering yourself. So don't hesitate to give yourself all the attention, you'll feel much better.

👍 Tip for Libra

⭐ Libra Celebrities

The Libra celebrities selected for the week of 4 - 10 October are:

- Emilia Clarke, English actress (October 23, 1986)

- Alicia Vikander, Swedish actress (October 3, 1988)

- Maurizio Gucci, Italian businessman (September 26, 1948)

🍀 Lucky numbers for Libra

Your lucky numbers for the week of 4 - 10 October are: 3, 7, 9 and 19.

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