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Things won't go your way - Libra Weekly Horoscope for 30 November - 6 December 2020

Problems at work and in your personal life will affect your health; it's time to take action


In the first week of December, you'll realize that you'd do anything for your partner. The stars will be on your side and help you maintain harmony, but you shouldn't have too many expectations.

However, by midweek, you'll have to deal with some problems, either because your partner will be going through a rough patch or because jealousy and distrust will lead you to arguments. Avoid these situations as much as possible.

When it comes to single Libras, this week you'll have great opportunities to meet your future life partner.  However, things may not go the way you expected as you're not at your best right now. 

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At work, you'll have a rather rough and complicated start to the week. You'll be eager to move forward, but there will be some colleagues that will do everything possible to prevent you from progressing.

In the midweek, problems will increase instead of disappearing, as even your superiors will put obstacles in your way. In addition, you won't be able to trust anyone and have to get by on your own.

On the other hand, those who are self-employed will have to isolate themselves from the news and external circumstances so as not to fall into despair. Negative thoughts won't help you get what you want.

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As far as your health is concerned, stress and economic and work problems may lead you to illnesses. You need to spend more time on your own doing things you like to boost your mood; otherwise falling ill will add to the list of your concerns.

Physically, if you feel any kind of discomfort, you must treat it right away, as you don't want it to get worse or make your day-to-day life more difficult.  The best way to take care of your health is by anticipating and preventing illnesses.

Finally, Libra, it's also important that you become aware of what you really need. Reflect on your feelings and desires. If so many responsibilities overwhelm you, take some time off.