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The Weekly Libra Horoscope for April 25 - May 1, 2022

Libra, you don't need anyone else right now


Libra, the Weekly Horoscope for this week indicates that very few folks will be able to enter your life. You've locked the door and thrown the key into the river of oblivion. You don't need anyone else to be happy right now, as you're sentimentally self-sufficient.

It's always useful to spend time on your own to get to know yourself better. 


The Weekly Horoscope regarding your economy predicts that the planets will be on your side this week, Libra.

The conjunction of the planet Venus with the dwarf planet Pluto is rare, but when it occurs, it is truly remarkable.

Take advantage of this opportunity to invest those savings for a special opportunity that comes your way.


Libra, the Weekly Horoscope says that, when it comes to your job, you're on a roll, which will benefit you a lot. If things at the office are going well, it is, in large part, thanks to your good business skills. Keep it up, and you'll soon reap rewards. 


Libra, the Weekly Horoscope says that solitude will help you free your mind. Learn to spend more time by yourself and listen to your inner voice more often. It has a lot to tell you.

Lucky Numbers for Libra

Libra, your lucky numbers for the week of April 25 - May 1 are: 5, 7, 9, 19.

Tip for Libra

We are one. What you do to others, you also do to yourself.

Libra Celebrities

Here are some celebrities born under the sign of Libra, just like you:

- Luna Blaise, actress born in Los Angeles, California, on October 1, 2001

- Daiane Conterato, model born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on October 17, 1990

- Stephanie McMahon, businesswoman born in Hartford, Connecticut, on September 24, 1976

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