Libra Horoscope Weekly 2020

A rough patch in love - Libra Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 August 2020

Your inner battle will make it very difficult to handle both internal and external problems


Libra, things are getting ugly when it comes to love. To start with, your relationship will be filled with jealousy and distrust in the first few days, which is the perfect breeding ground for break-ups.

And that's not all. The unfavourable position of the stars will lead you to fights and arguments with your partner. It's up to you to avoid conflicts through patience, dialogue, and restraint.

It won't be easy though, as you'll feel quite unstable emotionally. You'll be fighting an inner battle that will make it very difficult to handle both internal and external problems. 

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Things will go slowly in the professional and economic fields. At the beginning of the week, you should  focus on analyzing and observing the changes you want to make at work. However, it's not time to venture into anything new yet.

In fact, you'll have to wait until the end of the week to start doing things in pursuit of an effective and necessary transformation. For now, you should stay on the sidelines and avoid getting involved in any risky actions.

By the end of the week, however, those who work for others or are self-employed will start breathing deeper and be able to take the first steps to make those much-needed changes, both financially and professionally.

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As far as your health is concerned, the first days of the week will be quite good, or at least,  physically stable, even though your unstable emotions will worry and confuse you. You'll be hypersensitive and nervous.

As the days go by, unfavourable planetary alignments will occupy your astrological sky, leading you to a higher propensity for inflammatory and circulatory diseases. 

You'll have to take care of yourself and avoid accidents, both domestic and general, or outdoor sports injuries. Act with caution and stay focused to avoid these setbacks.