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Communication will become easier - Libra Weekly Horoscope for 21 - 27 December 2020

Your gift of speech and empathy will be the engines that will help you create a new lifestyle


It seems that this week, Libra will be one of the lucky few of the Zodiac in the love field. Relationships will play the main role in your life; in fact, they'll become your priority during these days.

A beneficial Venus will boost your social and personal relationships and fill your day to day life with romanticism. You'll find it easier to communicate and empathize with those around you, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The single ones will also benefit from this energetic current of love that is invading Libras this week.  Those who seek company will easily find it. 

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Ar work, you may have to deal with some disappointment, especially if you've had very high expectations. However, your creativity will help you overcome these bumps and act in the most assertive way possible.

On the other hand, you'll put yourself to the test this week, not only because your more perfectionist side will come to light, but also because your superiors will demand better results. 

All this pressure, besides causing you stress, will also serve as fuel to get the best out of you on a professional level. It'll be an intense and busy week, but you'll manage to handle everything perfectly.


When it comes to your health, you won't have any serious problems. Stress will lead you to some minor ailments like muscle tension or pain, but it won't last, especially if you know how to prevent it or treat it in time.

What you'll be experiencing is a renewal or rebirth on a personal level. You'll reflect on many things and try to find a more transcendental purpose or goal in your life.

You know that you're heading towards something new, but you don't know exactly what it is; nevertheless, you must trust in your destiny and do your part to make it happen.

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