Libra Weekly Horoscope on a universe background

You'll have a counterproductive attitude - Libra Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 February 2021

It's time to work on your attitude if you want to improve your relationship with others, as well as your health


Libra, at the beginning of the week, there will be no major changes; however, as the days go by, it's likely that your self-centered attitude will lead you to problems in the relationship. In addition, the adverse planetary influences propitiate sudden breakups.

However, towards the end of the week, seduction and fun will be part of your relationship again, alleviating the problems experienced in the previous days. Although you'll have to go through some difficulties, you'll definitely reach an agreement and understanding. 

The singles of the sign, on the other hand, will have several opportunities to experience passionate moments. However, act with caution in this emotionally turbulent period.

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When it comes to your job, you may take on new responsibilities, but first, you'll have to develop a strategy plan.  You can count on the help of your friends and colleagues who are willing to support you.

Towards the middle of the week, Libras who are self-employed and entrepreneurs will have more advantages and benefits. It's a good time for business for those who are engaged in commercial activities.

However, you should take care of your position, as it's not an ideal moment for big changes. Therefore, don't demand too much in your usual place of work. Instead, value what you have, and from there start planning a better future.


At the beginning of the week, there won't be any important health issues. In fact, you'll be quite aware of your body and willing to carry out all kinds of revolutionary ideas to change your habits.

However, even if your physical health is fine, your nerves could play tricks on you.  Stress and anxiety could cause digestive, respiratory, and other types of problems, which are nothing more than the somatization of all this accumulated nervous tension.

You should find time to relax and do activities to get in touch with your emotions.  Look for a safe place and release all the accumulated tensions; otherwise, your body and psyche will suffer from its effects.

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