The Libra sign circled by shooting stars

Let things go at their own pace - Libra Weekly Horoscope for 14 - 20 December 2020

This week you'll have to keep calm and stay away from arguments by not taking anyone's side


Libra, you'll start the week with a positive attitude, but soon it'll start to wane.  You'll have to face not only a lack of passion but also internal resistance to others.

This rigid attitude could lead you to problems with your couple and family members towards the middle of the week. However, if you learn your lesson and decide to act differently, things will improve by the end of the week.

Single Libras shouldn't rush anything; just let things happen at their own pace. Don't take any risks or make a big deal out of something; things will go better if you remain in the shadows. 

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When it comes to your job, you should catch up with your tasks in the first part of the week, as you won't have big opportunities to proper. Take advantage of these days to plan and organize your work.

Towards the midweek, things will remain calm, but if you're careless, you could end up confronting someone.  It's best to stay away from arguments and not to take anyone's side.

Finally, Libra,  if you want to change your work situation for the better, you'll have to start making important decisions. If you bring your personal skills together, you'll probably get better results, but if you let frustration take over you, you will only make things worse.


In terms of health, the first days of the week will be very positive.  Both physically and emotionally you'll feel strong and vital; you'll be very productive and full of energy.

However, in the middle of the week, things will change, as you may have to deal with some minor health issues. While it won't be anything serious or worrisome, it'll require your time and attention.

Finally, Libra, you should know that despite all the setbacks, you'll be in a good mood. It'll be your optimism that will help you overcome setbacks, as it'll give you strength and a more practical outlook on life.

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