Libra Horoscope September

You'll improve in all aspects of your life - Libra Monthly Horoscope for September 2020

This is one of the best months of the year; there will be a lot of movement in all areas, but it'll be for the better

Love: Too much energy can end up in trouble

Libra, when it comes to love, this month you'll be influenced by the burning effects of Mars in Aries in the heart of relationships. You'll have to take advantage of your legendary diplomacy if you want to maintain a minimum balance between you and others.

Love will feel more like a struggle than a quest.  Therefore, if you are in a relationship, be careful not to get involved in a conflict on your own or your partner's initiative.

If you're single, you'll have a lot of energy and a powerful libido. However, planetary influences don't foresee a romantic encounter this month. Your relations will be more friendship oriented.

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Money: News and fast pace

As far as your job is concerned, you'll have to face some uncomfortable situations. Someone might make an inappropriate claim, which may cause a fight or argument and make you feel very upset. 

You'll take on more responsibilities and make new alliances, which will make you work much more but at the same time help you get rid of issues that have been worrying you lately. 

Your positive approach and great professional image will open many doors for you. Those who are self-employed will receive some advice on how to increase their number of customers and make some economic improvements. 

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Health: Physical and emotional changes and challenges

In terms of health, you may feel overwhelmed and shaken up due to so many changes and transformations this month. You'll be able to realize many things and to see clearly who appreciates you for real and who is only pretending. 

You'll let go of many things from the past and be ready to face changes in your habits that you'll have to push forward. You'll feel a lot of movement around you.

The decisions you'll make and your professional brilliance will help you improve many things. Take advantage of your power to stand out in all the areas of your life.