Libra Horoscope October

Relationship stability will make up for problems at work - Libra Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

You have to be prepared for all kinds of difficulties in the professional and health fields

Love: Learn to detach

Libra, your love life will be quite stable this month.  You may be at odds with your partner, but you don't need to stress out. Your conflict won't last and you're both likely to apologize once you have calmed down.

However, you'll notice that your partner isn't eager to talk to you much. In this case, try not to misunderstand him/her. Give your better half total freedom and personal space.  Sometimes, we need to spend some time on our own to analyze situations more calmly.

On the other hand, the singles of the sign have a month of adventures ahead of them. Anything can happen! You may not know the most appropriate people to start a stable relationship with, but you definitely won't get bored this month.

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Money: Unexpected external obstacles

When it comes to your profession, your commendable performance and work ethic may sometimes lead you to making enemies in the workplace, which is quite probable this month; therefore, pay attention to everything around you.

There are possibilities of conspiracy against you, so be careful at all times. Be especially cautious with people who are very nice to you, as they may be hiding quite selfish motives.

On the other hand, many of you will do your best to impress your boss this month.  However, you should work hard to evolve as a professional and not just to satisfy someone else. 

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Health: Take care of your peace of mind

In terms of health, you may suffer from eye problems, headaches, and earaches this month. Your chronic disease may reappear so you should be ready for it so it doesn't take you by surprise.  

Some Libras may also suffer from various foot-related problems. It's a good idea to create a habit of going for a walk on a daily basis. However, you should avoid running.

If you want to stay healthy this month, try walking barefoot in nature when possible. It'll provide you with the necessary peace of mind to face any adverse situation.