Libra March on a sky background with shooting stars

You can no longer evade your responsibilities - Libra Monthly Horoscope for March 2021

This month you'll have to focus on what you really want in order to get ahead; otherwise, your situation will worsen

Love: It's time to take responsibility

Libra, your monthly prediction reveals that this month your family will experience much happiness. The love you share with your partner will be reflected in your children and other family members.  Your parents will be proud of you and will give you their full support.

On the other hand, relationships may become more demanding and you'll decide to avoid confrontation. Try to create harmony by improving your communication and keeping up with your responsibilities.

In addition, the lunar eclipse in Libra on the 23rd of March will be a perfect moment to talk about your needs, hopes, and concerns.  Take advantage of this day to get closer to the people around you, especially the ones you care about the most.

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Money: Don't neglect your career

You'll mainly focus on your personal and family matters, which will make you forget about the importance of your job. However, you won't neglect your career completely.

You should plan carefully your tasks at work. Otherwise, you may miss interesting opportunities to improve.

On the other hand, you'll have to face some disagreements about the quality of your work from 1st to 8th and, unless you determine the real problems, they can damage your image.  It's also in your best interest to negotiate contracts or legal deals after the 21st of March when your objectives are clearer.

Health: Focus on yourself

When it comes to your health, Mars will be opposing your sign in March, which will make you feel agitated. Your horoscope suggests you focus on your objectives and ambitions as well as on yourself. 

You should also take advantage of some spiritual resources for more peace and harmony. Try to rely more on your innate intuition.

As far as your home and family are concerned, you'll have special abilities to predict certain events, so if you feel that you should take care of someone close to you, listen to that inner voice as this person's health may be at stake.

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