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You'll get more news - Libra Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

It will be a month of unexpected surprises in all areas of your life

Love: A very intense period

The month of February could surprise you with an unexpected attraction that will leave you speechless.  Or, on the contrary, you could end up alone and heart-broken thinking that nothing interesting is ever going to happen to you.

When it comes to your sexual life, it'll be a very intense period for single Libras as well as those in a relationship. Emotional complications are likely to affect your intimacy.

In short, you'll go through a lot of stress this month and you'll have to try to detach yourself from emotional situations.  Even though it sounds quite complicated,  you can be sure that you'll manage to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Money: Things are getting better

Thanks to Mercury, you'll do very well in your job this month. You'll come up with great ideas, have very interesting opportunities and high probabilities of success.

The presence of Venus, the planet of fortune, in your sign will also help you increase your income. It won't be much, but definitely enough to lead a calm and serene way of life.

If you're unemployed, it's time to take action. Try your luck, seek the support of those around you, take some tests, go to orientation meetings, etc. Send your resume to all the companies you'd like to work in because this positive phase of growth will definitely surprise you.

Health: Your evolution is on the way

In terms of health, February gives you an opportunity to explore. The trine planetary aspect is fundamental to be able to face a phase of construction, growth and meet new personal goals. 

The support of the planets Venus and Jupiter that favor fortunate events will lead you to success and help you reach a higher level of well-being.

You'll not only have clear goals and know exactly what you have to do but also meet positive people that will help you feel good about yourself. And most importantly,  you'll be able to find your inner balance and live some unforgettable experiences  surrounded by your family members. 

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