The Libra zodiac sign with a starred background

You'll be able to fight your way through difficulties - Libra Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

This month will bring out the best in you; therefore, you'll be able to get ahead in every area of your life

Love: Lots of flirting

The presence of Venus in Capricorn during the first days of the month will make Libras reflect on everything they've lived this year. 

Regrets, old grudges, and a thousand unanswered questions will torment you; however, you won't let your partner or friends know about it under any circumstances.

Flirting will become your priority.  You'll attract others' attention and feel more than satisfied when someone compliments you. When it comes to your family, your relationship with the siblings will play the main role this month, especially if they're younger than you. 

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Money: You'll find your own way

When it comes to your profession, you'll put your heart and soul into it, as the competitive energy of Mars will be on your side.  You'll meet new people and find new ways that have been closed for you so far.

You won't let anyone invade your territory and be rewarded for your efforts. However, the money will be scarce unless your business partner or boyfriend/girlfriend will help you out. You may also get lucky in some kind of last-minute business.

In general, your work will be pleasant, creative, and refreshing. Some tasks will make you bring out your most artistic side. If you're involved in a family business, it'll start paying off by the end of December.

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Health: You'll take the reins of your life

As far as your health is concerned, wise Saturn in Sagittarius suggests that you take the reins of your life, stop being so cautious, and make changes. You can start by restructuring your ideas and the way you communicate with others.

Venus in your sign will help you reflect on the nature of your desires and realize that sharing them with others sometimes makes them come true. When Venus moves on to Scorpio, it'll help you deal with personal appreciation and sensuality.

In addition, with Mars in Libra, you'll learn to enjoy your intimate life more. Jupiter in Virgo will watch your back and lend you a hand with your unfinished business. Beware of Mercury in Capricorn, as it'll make you take on too many commitments.