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Libra Compatibility with the Other Zodiac Signs

Read about Libra' compatibility with other signs

Libra compatibility with other signs. Truth and justice are some of the most important ideas to be developed by man. Men clearly have been in the constant search for truth in everything, and many of humankind’s biggest discoveries can be attributed to the unending quest for truth. Justice has also served to be one aspect that clearly defines equality or balance in man and his relationship with others.  Clearly, the concept of truth and justice has a lot of bearing when it comes to balance. If not for balance, these two critical concepts will fade into the background of the many different ideas that men consider important.

One of the zodiac signs, Libra,  represents balance and symmetry and is most often commonly associated with the symbol for justice and equality.

Libra – The scales

People born between the dates of September 23 and October 22 fall under the sign of Libra – also known as “the Scales.”  Libra is the only sign of a horoscope that is neither human nor animal, contributing to its general uniqueness regarding all the other signs. It is the sign most closely associated with symmetry and balance, as represented by the weighing scales. An interesting note to add is that in Roman mythology, Iustitia, the goddess of justice, is identified to be carrying scales (later to be identified as Libra).

Zodiac and astrology define Libra as being dominated by three distinctive personalities: they are expressive with their feelings; they are very outwardly when it comes to their emotions and actions; and finally, Librans are generally known to be extroverts. With a polarity of a positive sign, Libra is generally seeking interaction more often than not. Libra is considered to be the most sociable out of all the zodiac signs. Also, because Libra is dominated by symmetry and balance, they usually try to find the perfect interpersonal (interaction with other people) and intrapersonal (interaction with oneself) relationship, generally switching from being very sociable in one hand and balancing it out by clearly using his or her thought-dominated side by churning out ideas and other intellectual stuff.

Aside from being regarded as the most desirable of all the zodiac signs because it falls in the most desirable and highest point of the year, Librans are generally good looking. Their outspoken behavior makes them perfect for such careers are high in people interaction.

Elements play a huge role in determining compatibilities between signs.  Not only that, but the zodiac and astrology principles completely hinge on the fact that these elements represent a certain aspect of our mortal lives. Libra, or “The Scales,” falls under the dominating element of Air, which means that Librans can be generally characterized with thought, ideas, interaction, and intellect. If you can notice, all of the characteristics clearly define intangible elements, a trait that is generally shared with Air, which is the only “intangible” element of the four elements.

  • THOUGHT  – Librans are generally “thinkers,” in the sense that they let their thought dominate their emotions. Librans are generally level-headed individuals and value the way people think as well as how they think.
  • IDEAS  – being mostly thoughtful individuals, Librans tend to daydream more often than not. It is in the event of daydreaming that ideas normally occur. Librans are big idea factories, clearly being influenced by them being intellectual individuals.
  • INTERACTION  – not only are Librans highly thought-based personalities, but they also have a craving for personal interaction more often than not, usually brought upon by the need to find like-minded individuals that share their passion for the power of the intellect and thoughts.
  • INTELLECT – Thought processes generally dominate Librans, and being under the umbrella of air means that all of the necessary functions of the brain are at their disposal. Not only are Librans very thoughtful and idea machines craving for significant interactions, but they are also brilliant individuals or have the capacity to be very intelligent.
  • Libra – Ruled by planet Venus.  The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, also known as the goddess of beauty and love. Since Venus clearly dominates Libra, this means that people born under this sign are generally very well dressed, well mannered, and has a very graceful appearance. This also means that the proper balance of intellect (because the element of Libra is air, which represents thought and intellect) and beauty (because Libra is governed by Venus – the goddess of beauty) creates a perfect and mesmerizing combination that can be irresistible to any of the other signs. Not only that, because Libra can perfectly balance all of his or her dominating traits, both internal and external, any Libran can freely interact with any of the signs while finding the perfect harmony and balance that can make the interaction worthwhile and wonderful.

Zodiac and astrology are completely defined by their signs and their relationship with each other. A sign can't be compatible with all of the other signs, as a sign can't be incompatible with all of the signs. 

Libra and Libra compatibility 

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

Libra and Libra, unfortunately, are not compatible with each other. Common thought might believe that the combination of two balanced signs may be a natural fit, but unfortunately, it holds untrue.

How Libra relates to Libra – one of the most negative traits of a Libra is being very indecisive. Despite being one of the most outgoing and expressive of all the signs, Librans are sometimes also overly sensitive. Being persons dominated by different intellect and thought processes also means that they are more inclined to the creative intelligence and ideas of others, and that clearly spells trouble to individuals who are both under the Libra sign because instead of feeding off of each other’s ideas, they are more interested in interacting with other people who seem to have caught their interest. Also, with the indecisive nature of Libra, individuals of both signs might find themselves in the predicament of not being able to finalize everything because they will constantly be in a loop of letting the other decide.

The relationship between a Libra Man and a Woman  – the main thing to consider is that while Librans are known to have balanced traits that might be perfectly combined to create the synergistic harmony of balance, this trait contributes to the complete undoing of the relationship. They are too much concerned about keeping the balance off each other that it affects their long-term relationship.  Furthermore, being that they have exact similar traits, it might prove to be too monotonous, and the relationship might fall flat because of the perfect balance in the system. Being that both man and woman have no intention of dominating the other, it can be both positive and negative, in a way that none of them want to force the other for anything.

Aquarius and Libra compatibility


The most common characteristic dominant in both Libra and Aquarius is their ability to interact and socialize. Librans love to make friends as much as Aquarians do, and they will certainly click with each other when it comes to being outgoing and friendly. Aquarians are also very dominated by their love of being free, and Librans can certainly relate to this behavior. One of the things that people born under the sign of Aquarius should look out for is their being quick to anger and temperament. This can easily and effectively touch on Librans' emotional sensitivity. Aquarians are also easily frustrated, which might seem odd to a Libra because they are used to create perfect harmony and balance in everything they do.

Gemini and Libra compatibility


People born under the Gemini sign might have found their perfect match with a Libra because Gemini are known to be the most intellectual out of all the horoscope signs, which can clearly engage Libra to the fullest. Since they are almost always on the same page because of their level of intellect, they are most likely to agree on almost everything, creating the balance that the Libra loves. The need for balance also attracts the Gemini to the Libra, and strength result in Gemini being completely passionate about the relationship, which will suit the qualities of the Libra needing complete adulation and attention.

Aries and Libra compatibility


Opposites attract, and this might be true when it comes to the relationship between Aries and Libra. Their dominating qualities cannot be more different from each other: Libra always weighs the consequences of his or her actions carefully, giving thought to how much this can affect the people around them, which is usually caused by extreme empathy and which might also be the main cause of Libra to be very indecisive. Aries, on the other hand, can be very bull-headed and aggressive when it comes to decisions and does not care too much about the consequences of their actions. An Arian also has no care at all what others might think of him or her, while a Libran deeply cares about certain opinions of others and is much better suited to adulation and flattery. While the differences in these traits can be huge, it is important to note that the mutual respect of both Aries and Libra to these differences is what drives the relationship to work more often than not.

Scorpio and Libra compatibility


Scorpio is known to be the most intense in love and relationships when it comes to all the signs of the zodiac, so it is no surprise to learn that the highly flirtatious and easy-going attitude of Libra might seem offensive to a Scorpio.  It is the intelligence and the free nature of Libra that attracts and draws the Scorpio in, which in turn becomes their main problem and conflict. The extreme loyalty of Scorpio when it comes to relationships might seem to limit to a Libra, but to some extent can be wholly understood by the empathic Libran.

Taurus and Libra compatibility


The qualities of Taurus that loves to stay away from the spotlight and live in peace and harmony are what might draw the Libra in for a relationship. Generally speaking, Libra enjoys flattery and adulation but cannot take it if the reverse is being served to them, which Taurus also dislikes. Both are also generally compassionate and love intelligent things like arts, crafts, music, and the like. Unlike Taurus, however, Libra can sometimes prove to be too flirtatious, which might affect the Taurus's possessive nature.

Capricorn and Libra compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

On the onset, Libra and Capricorn have completely different personalities. Libra is known as extroverts and outgoing, loves being free, makes new friends, and develops intellectual interactions. On the other hand, Capricorn is generally known as being introverts. Capricorns love to keep things simple, while Librans usually love to enjoy everything in life to its fullest. This might create problems for the relationship between them, especially if the Capricorn cannot freely express their feelings to the Libran. This relationship requires a high degree of maintenance and perseverance.

Cancer and Libra compatibility 

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

Cancer has the trait that Libra is most known for – the ability to see and understand others' feelings through their eyes. This alone makes the match a possibility. There is also the fact that both signs seem to compliment each other’s weaknesses: while the Libran can enjoy social gatherings and events, Cancer only limits themselves at home. The cheerful mood of the Libran can also offset the emotional trait of Cancer. However, one of the glaring aspects in this relationship is that Librans might not comprehend the need for emotional warmth of Cancer, as Libra is also known to be level-headed, practical, and liberated.

Virgo and Libra compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

Similar to Cancer, Virgo may have trouble dealing with a Libran because of their clashing nature.  The Virgo absolutely adores the coziness of his or her home, while the Libra enjoys the outdoors. Individuals born under Virgo also do not enjoy the interaction as Librans do, creating a definite gap between them at social parties and events. There are too many differences between Virgo and Libra to consider. Still, as with all relationships of a similar manner, they can be resolved and worked at by simply and openly expressing their feelings to each other.

Sagittarius and Libra compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

The one thing that Sagittarians can relate to with Librans is their intelligent and general fun-loving nature. Sagittarius is known to be very simple and emotionally stable, generally sharing being extroverts with Librans. The glaring difference is that while Sagittarius can be very consistent with their feelings, Libra can be fun-loving at one time and can change to being emotional and moody instantly.

Leo and Libra compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

One of the things that can come up with when it comes to the relationship between a Leo and a Libra is that they are both extroverts, and they can very much enjoy the interaction with other people. They also very much agree on being adventurous and outgoing. Unfortunately, that is where the similarity ends because Libra's flexible and liberated nature can be completely trumped by Leo's stubborn nature. While this might be solved by Libra completely addressing Leo's stubbornness, it is important to note that Libra enjoys getting attention too much that it might completely alienate the need for different attention and understanding of Leo.

Pisces and Libra compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

If there are signs that can agree to disagree, then it will be Pisces and Libra. Both of them abhor aggressiveness and conflict, but at the same time, both of the signs are also very sensitive. Pisces can also become easily confused, a trait that can leave the intelligent Libran befuddled and not know how to deal effectively.

The other signs' compatibility