Try not to lose your temper - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, January 9, 2021

It'll be a complicated day, so try to spend some time alone and take things easy


When it comes to your heart matters,  Mars in your sign reveals that  you have to be calm but alert. If there are some unresolved issues in your relationship, they will come out and may even lead you to a break-up.

Try to deal with this situation as peacefully as possible. Avoid anger and aggressiveness because Mercury will make you act rigidly and you'll be taken over by a quite negative perspective. 

Single Libras won't progress much in their love life as  today is not a favorable day to start or develop romantic affairs.

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As far as your work is concerned, you'll be able to obtain the desired results  since the transit of the red planet Mars in your tenth house will bring you luck in the workplace.

However, this planet will also increase your rivalry; therefore, you're likely to have arguments with your colleagues and superiors.

You have to be cautious; otherwise, your anger may affect your image negatively. Also, Saturn together with Mars will make you work quite hard all year long to get the expected benefits.


In terms of health, you'll have to take every precaution not to catch any infection or disease. You should protect your body from all kinds of discomfort by taking good care of yourself.

On the other hand, you'll have mood swings and tend to get angry easily, which will add more tension and make things even worse.

Libra, you should spend some time on your own today to calm down and try to see things from another perspective. Your rigid attitude sometimes leads you to dead ends.

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