Libra Friday on a sky background with shooting stars

Adaptation will be the key - Libra Horoscope for Friday, April 9, 2021

Today you'll have to adapt to all kinds of situations that will make you feel very uncomfortable


Libra, today you'll have to accept anything that comes your way, whether it's strange and intriguing people, unexpected events, or enlightening coincidences. All of them will help you understand new things about yourself.

Don't be scared of instinctive or unfamiliar emotions; every emotion is useful and needs to be listened to and observed. With Mercury in opposition, you should stay calm and focused and not make impulsive decisions.

If your partner attacks you with unpleasant words, don't react. It doesn't mean you have to ignore him/her. Simply let this tense moment pass and talk to your loved one later. 


When it comes to your job, it's a good moment to explore new terrains or carry out your creative ideas  and talk to a wider audience.

Mars in your ninth house will form a fluid trine with Saturn, structured in your fifth house of passion and self-expression, which will lead you to changes regarding the way you work.

You may want to try vocal training or dance lessons or some other training that can take your hobby to the next level, either for personal fulfillment or a possible career change.


As far as your health is concerned, stability won't be something you simply receive; in fact, you'll have to fight for it. In order to feel stable, you'll have to accept that a sense of impermanence is a part of life.

Balance comes from movement, not inertia.  There are so many things happening in your life right now, some of them are unexpected and others long-awaited. 

You need a transformation, but materializing things isn't as easy as it seems. Pluto and Uranus foresee that you'll have to deal with some unpleasant feelings on your way and learn to adapt to them.

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