Libra Horoscope for Monday on a universe background

You'll be eager to take the lead - Libra Horoscope for Monday, February 8, 2021

Today your eagerness to dominate everyone will become a pain in the neck


Libra, your horoscope regarding love reveals that  if your partner is used to making decisions for both of you, he/she will be very surprised today.  You'll be eager to take the lead due to Venus, your regent, in the brave sign of Aries.

You'll express yourself freely and act assertively and boldly. You won't be afraid to fight or stand up for yourself. Naturally, this change of attitude will lead to unthinkable consequences, especially in schematic and fixed-role relationships.

The fear of change will be the trigger that will make the time bomb explode. Single Libras will also be more aggressive than ever and hardly have the opportunity to attract love into their lives.

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Today you'll work a lot and earn little. Fortunately, this situation will change as the week progresses.

Some businesses are likely to close due to unfavorable circumstances and negative prospects. However, you'll have to work hard as in sixty days you'll reap the fruits of your effort. Therefore,  don't give up now, no matter how pessimistic things may seem. 

It's also important that you  give free rein to all your creativity, imagination, original and renovating ideas, especially if you're one of those Libras whose profession is related to art.


When it comes to health, you'll have a lot of energy today. However, you'll have to  eat healthily and sleep at least eight hours a day, as your metabolism will be a little slower than usual.

If you don't lead a methodical life, you may get very nervous these days. Try to define priorities in your head and do one thing at a time.

If you notice any symptoms of reproductive tract infections, pay a visit to your doctor immediately. It's essential to start the treatment as soon as possible to avoid more serious consequences.

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