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Daily Horoscope for Libra for Saturday, May 7, 2022

Libra, open your mind and explore how far your heart can go


Libra, your Horoscope for today is marked by the great need for mental and physical openness in order to find the fullness of love. Expand your horizons, go out and discover all the possibilities that the universe wants to offer to you to be happy.

Above all, don't shut off; explore all the limits that you have always considered unimaginable. It'll make you feel much better about yourself and those around you. Above all, don't regret what you've done, just the actions you haven't dared to take yet. 


The Daily Horoscope clearly shows that you should work on being more patient and tolerant as far as your finances are concerned, Libra. Impatience plays tricks on you and leads you to make bad decisions.

It's normal that when you're waiting for something important, you want it to happen as soon as possible, especially if the situation gets complicated. However, remember that it'll happen when the right time comes, and you don't have to intervene at the first sign of trouble.


Libra, the Daily Horoscope foresees that you're worn out due to the work overload that you've taken on recently. Your superiors demand a lot, probably too much, which is taking its toll on you not only mentally, but also physically. You feel tired all the time. 

Think seriously about what you can do to reverse this situation, which will become unsustainable over time.


Libra, your Daily Prediction wants to recommend you watch your eating habits. Don't become obsessed with food, as it'll only do you harm. Rather, get into the habit of eating five meals a day, just make sure three of them are quite light.

It's not about starving; simply avoid binging on food. 

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