Libra Horoscope for Sunday

You're likely to face some conflicts - Libra Horoscope for Sunday, February 7, 2021

Your love life will not be exactly a bed of roses, so you must be patient


When it comes to your family,  today you'll have to face some conflicts that might extend to the end of February. However, be patient as next month the tables will turn and you'll be able to experience love in all its glory again.

Your partner will realize that rushing things will only hinder the evolution of your romantic bond. Some Libras who are in a relationship with a Virgo will lack logical thinking these days.

However, someone born under the sign of Scorpio could help you get back to reality. There are some things that you're unwilling to see, but it's time to face the truth.  The sooner you open your eyes, the sooner you'll be able to progress.  

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As far as work is concerned, today you'll be eager to advance.  You'll get some encouraging news regarding a promotion or a pay rise that you didn't expect.

You'll make teamwork a priority today and have various meetings to ensure the efficient running of the business.

Besides, a direct dialogue will help you find the solutions to the problems that have been affecting your and your colleagues' work for a while.


Regarding health, you might need to look at your life from another perspective. Mars in your ninth house will encourage the expression of your ideas and projects and stimulate communication, travel, information, and everything that helps you keep up with your interests.

You may decide to fight for a cause that you care about and that concerns you a lot. It's a good moment to express your ideas and make yourself heard.

This emotional freedom will be more than reflected in your physical body and you'll feel healthy and happy in general. 

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