The Libra sign

Outstanding issues will be solved - Libra Horoscope for Monday, December 7, 2020

If you want to solve your problems, you'll have to deal with outstanding issues as soon as possible


Many Libras will focus on their relationship today, trying to clarify misunderstandings and resolve outstanding conflicts.

A sincere and friendly conversation with the person you love will help you get to know each other better and move towards a harmonious and happy coexistence.  If you take a step forward, you'll live wonderful experiences together with your partner.

Single Libras will have an opportunity to meet very different people who will captivate you for various reasons. You're very likely to start a love affair with one of them.

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In the professional field, work and business problems should be addressed before the end of the day;  otherwise, they could turn into obstacles that will prevent you from achieving the desired results.

The same applies to pending legal issues, paperwork, or late payments. If you don't resolve them now, they'll have to wait until mid-January of the next year.

Libras who have to go on a business trip will be greatly benefited, and those who are studying will successfully pass their exams.


When it comes to your health, Libras who smoke or drink alcohol should quit these bad habits as soon as possible. It's time to detoxify your body and start leading a healthier lifestyle; something you have ignored until now.

A diet rich in fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of mineral water will help you improve your health  immensely, especially if you add physical activity to it.

Of course, at first, it'll be hard for you to adapt to this new lifestyle, but as time goes by, you'll see the results and realize that it's been definitely worth it.

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