The sign of Libra with a black starred background

You'll be more determined than ever - Libra Horoscope for Friday, March 5, 2021

Your determination and desire to achieve what you want will break down all barriers


Libra, your prediction for today foresees that  a frank and open dialogue with your partner will be fundamental and a weapon of great value to consolidate existing ties.

Venus will make you shine as bright as ever, and  your seduction skills and sensuality will allow you to conquer the person you like. 

Single Libras will have more opportunities to meet someone who will make them feel special and they could even start a serious relationship. Take advantage of every outing and gathering with friends as  the love of your life may be just around the corner.   

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When it comes to work, you'll be taken over by the desire to get another degree, grow professionally and stabilize your career. The lack of interest and enthusiasm that sometimes affects you will vanish almost as if by magic.

If you're firm and determined, you'll be able to progress in your career. Those who have to go on a business trip will be very lucky. 

Libras who want to change their professional area will have the green light to start walking in a new direction today.


As far as your health is concerned, you may have a digestion problem due to the stodgy meals you had yesterday. The most delicate Libras may suffer from an allergic reaction.

On the other hand, due to Jupiter in Sagittarius, your blood sugar levels will increase, so you should cut down on carbohydrates and sugary drinks.

A natural diet, based on fruit and vegetables, will help you to purify your body. Don't forget, we are what we eat.

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