Libra Horoscope for Friday

Get ready for the fun side of life - Libra Horoscope for Friday, February 5, 2021

You're ready to enjoy everything around you, and especially, your own existence


Libra, get ready for all the transformations that will take place in your daily life today. You'll feel a greater need for change and be more sensitive, looking for something magical and special in this area of your life.

Stop for a moment and think about what you really need in your relationship from an objective point of view. It'll help you clear your doubts and improve your life as a couple.

Look at life from a more positive point of view.  Forget, even if it's only for a few moments, all the efforts you have to make and enjoy the most playful and fun side of life.

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Libra, in February, you should take advantage of the influence of the stars and  give a new focus to your life and especially work.

You'll have to work on your priorities and define them. Besides, try to give everything you do a special and unique meaning.

On the other hand, the passage of Neptune into Piscis, into your sixth house, will mean the beginning of the period of changes in your life. You'll have to be open to them.


In terms of health, the other transit that will also stand out this month will be Saturn retrograde in your sign. It'll give you another opportunity to face and resolve some issues that you couldn't deal with in the past.

This planet will offer you a kind of learning experience that you should take advantage of. With the help of new information and circumstances, you'll have a chance to look at life from a totally different point of view and start taking action. Do it quietly and consciously.

In February, Mercury and the Sun will be in your fifth house, which means that you'll be more relaxed and receptive to the people around you.

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