Libra Horoscope Saturday 2020

Don't be afraid to come undone - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, July 4, 2020

Try to control your temper at work if you want to avoid major financial problems and losses


Libra, there won't be much time for romantic encounters today. In fact, you'll prefer to keep a safe distance from the one you love in order to preserve your intimacy.

For this reason, you'll be the target of various claims, especially those of greater commitment. This evasive attitude will be caused by your fear of showing your true self. Don't hide your imperfections, they may seem quite perfect for the person who truly loves you. 

Single Libras must learn to come undone and simply be loved not for what they pretend to be, but for what they really are. Only this way you'll be able to attract more honest people into your life. Otherwise, you'll keep experiencing toxic relationships.

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As far as work is concerned, the stars foresee that you'll end up getting angry with those who disapprove of your projects or opinions. These confrontations will negatively affect your plans. However, your decision-making power and extreme courage will help you persuade your workmates to support you. 

When it comes to matters related to partnerships, turn to someone who isn't involved in your business. Some impartial advice from a third party will help you resolve disputes in a peaceful way.

On the other hand, a hasty partnership break-up could cause money losses to both parties. Try to be very prudent with the decisions you make today.


There are no risk indicators regarding your physical health; however, stress and tension may lead you to several ailments. 

Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask a psychologist for guidance and advice. If you don't seek appropriate help when you undoubtedly need it, the damage will be much more severe and lasting in the long run.

The most affected organs will be, as usual, the kidneys and digestive system. It's important you drink plenty of fluids and avoid cold air currents.