Your responsibilities may overwhelm you - Libra Horoscope for Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Today your capacity for self-control and assertiveness will be put to the test


Libra, you'll have a lot of responsibilities today, but don't let them overwhelm you. If you feel you're at your wits' end, make sure you're assertive and start setting limits before it's too late. 

Think more about yourself and try to organize your time better so that everything you do makes sense.  Otherwise, the people who have nothing to do with your problems, like your partner and your family, will end up paying for your frustration. 

On the other hand, someone is observing your actions and if you come across as a responsible and conscious person, you can expect great success. You'll see that  in the end, you'll be appreciated for who you are and not for what you have. This will be the lesson you'll learn today.

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When it comes to your economy and profession, losing track of budget details may be very costly.  Consider reorganizing your finances, but be careful not to trust the so-called experts unless they're truly trustworthy.

You're likely to deal with some disagreements at work, and even if you want to keep the peace, you may have to take measures just to maintain the right balance of power.

On the other hand,  today is a perfect day to take advantage of your special talents.  Your colleagues who aren't aware of the importance of hard work may get jealous, but that's not your problem.


Regarding health, all the minor problems will be easily solved with immediate medical attention. You may also boost your health by following the right diet, doing physical exercise, and being more disciplined.

As far as your emotions are concerned, you'll look calm on the outside but there's a storm inside of you. You should devote more time to solve your emotional conflicts. Otherwise, you're running the risk of accumulating nervous tensions that may turn into physical ailments.

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