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Don't take distrust to the extreme - Libra Horoscope for Thursday, December 3, 2020

You have to find the balance between your distrust and thinking that everyone is a good person


Libra, when you get suspicious and jealous of your partner, you're unable to listen to reason. This bad habit could end up in a serious argument with your other half.

Moreover, this fight could ruin your relationship and even lead you to a break-up, so you should really try not to overreact.

Your mistrust could also affect your social and family relationships. However, at some point,  you'll realize that you're simply pouring your anger on the little ones, who have nothing to do with it.

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When it comes to your work, you shouldn't trust everyone. It's quite naive to believe that everyone is a good person and it could even lead you to trouble.

Remember, Libra, that nobody is going to get you out of a tight spot and you might even have to deal with some betrayal. Be aware of everything that's happening around you so you can act accordingly. 

Finally, you should try to keep a cool head and not waste your money. Adjust your life to your budget and have realistic goals. 


As far as your health is concerned, you're going to get off to a bad start due to fatigue this month, but you can't let it paralyze and drain you, especially during the day.

On the other hand, many of your hidden feelings may surface, so you should spend a few days examining your conscience in order to make some decisions regarding your emotions.

At this time of the year, you tend to get nervous, which could cause some stomach discomfort. And if we add all the holiday meals, you could suffer from significant indigestion and end up in a hospital.

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