Libra Horoscope for Saturday

Your good intentions won't be enough - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, April 3, 2021

To achieve your goals, you must put your desires and intentions into practice


Libra, the presence of Mars in Gemini will make this period quite intriguing when it comes to your sexual life. Therefore, you should be ready to deal with some problems.

On the other hand, you're about to start a period of general tranquility without great emotional and romantic impulses. It's an ideal moment to rekindle attraction. However, pay attention to external issues that may affect your serenity, such as family, domestic, or work problems.

If you like to flirt, let yourself be desired, and live the game of flirting to the fullest. Today you'll have a lot of opportunities to live and experience very seductive adventures.

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When it comes to your profession, you'll have a lot of energy and good intentions at the beginning of the day. You'll be eager to commit yourself on a daily basis and improve your goals.

Your day will pass easily and without any major setbacks. It'll be in the evening when you'll start feeling under pressure and unable to handle certain situations.

However, if you keep calm, you'll manage to find a solution. Remember that the best thing you can do is to face your problems; therefore try to relativize them and take advantage of your pragmatic side.


As for your health, on a physical level, you may experience some respiratory problems, such as recurrent dyspnea. If so, you should consult with a specialist to discover the source.

On an emotional level, you'll feel that you're in a world that meets your expectations. Take advantage of these wonderful conditions to make the right decisions.

Finally, Libra, the stars reveal that  something is about to happen in your life that will force you to change course. Possibly, there will be big lifestyle changes that you weren't expecting.

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