Libra Horoscope Thursday 2020

Calm before the storm - Libra Horoscope for Thursday, October 29, 2020

You'll be taken over by ambition and a desire to satisfy your needs in all areas of your life


The sky wants to see you happy, Libra; therefore, with Saturn on your side, you've managed to find your own balance. Get ready for a period full of satisfactions and surprises.

Libras in a relationship will have more attractive and exciting conversations with their partner not only from an erotic but also an intimate point of view.

However, you'll have to face slightly riskier days when Venus collides with Pluto and then Uranus, as this planetary alignment will lead to friction and possible break-ups in relationships. There are a lot of old wounds to heal and both you and your partner will have to find the strength to do it.

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As far as work is concerned, the planets in your sign will give you charm and great energy, which will allow you to move successfully and handle a significant workload. 

The planets Venus and Mars, which are related to love and sexuality, promise to satisfy your needs focusing on your passion and capacity to fulfill your dreams.

In the field of work, it has more to do with your ambition and the need to find your vocation. Don't do things because you have to; you should always be eager to feel satisfied with your work and your progress.

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In terms of health, take some time in the morning to choose the discipline you'd like to take up to keep your body in shape. When you wake up, observe your body and make a suitable choice according to its needs.

If your body asks you to go for a run or a swim, even if it's before breakfast, don't hesitate. At night, once you've dealt with all your commitments, you may feel like doing something more tribal and social, such as dancing.

Finally, don't forget to drink lots of water and, especially at this stage, be careful with the air currents. Otherwise, your health will be stable and you will have nothing to worry about.