Libra Horoscope Monday 2020

Big challenges in your love life - Libra Horoscope for Monday, September 28, 2020

You'll be able to improve your economic and work situation slowly but steadily; the same applies to your personal life


Libra, your romantic life will still be complicated today. Your planet of love Mars is retrograde and you'll be influenced by some tense aspects. You or your loved one may have to face challenges in your life, which will affect your relationship.

Therefore, your partner and you will be colder and more distant than usual. The only way to fight your physical and psychological distance is by  reconciling your differences. It's not an easy thing to do, but, Libra, you're capable of it more than any other sign of the horoscope. 

On the other hand, your ability to make new friends is still enhanced. This is the happiest area of your life at the moment; maybe it'll become a gateway to romantic love. 

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When it comes to your profession and economy, your planet of finances Pluto will start moving forward after being retrograde for several months.  And although it's not exactly in conjunction with Jupiter, it's not far away.

This planetary alignment will help you increase your income. Now your mind is clearer and you know exactly which direction you want to follow. The Sun will enter your money area, which will lead you to your annual financial peak.

Retrograde activity will steadily weaken over the next few days. Little by little your pace of life will start accelerating.

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In terms of health, Venus in your twelfth house will enhance your spirituality. Your goal will be to improve your appearance not from the aesthetic point of view but from within you.

You come across as someone who is highly worried about his/her appearance. Therefore, your task for today will be to look at yourself from a more objective perspective. This way it'll be easier to correct your flaws. 

Finally, Libra, don't be afraid to take the first step if you've been dreaming of making those changes for a long time. 

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