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You'll be able to reconquer that person - Libra Horoscope for Thursday, January 28, 2021

Although second parts aren't usually good, this time your heart will be right


Don't give up, Libra, you'll be able to reconquer that person  if you show all your charm, because he/she is willing to give you a second chance. However, if you really want to conquer his/her heart, be patient and seduce them with all the weapons you have at your disposal.

On the other hand, those Libras who are in a relationship will find it difficult to reach a balance between the passion and character differences that trigger discussions and misunderstandings.

The passion and romanticism of someone born under the sign of Piscis will make you live an unforgettable experience and give you all the love you need. 

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When it comes to your job, a colleague born under the sign of Aries will be willing to lend you a hand and together you'll find better work strategies. Follow his/her advice and you will both get great benefits.

On the other hand, at work, you must be tolerant and initiate a sincere dialogue when facing any disagreement or difference in criteria. This way you'll have the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings.

If a colleague seeks to correct his or her mistakes and offers you an apology, accept it. Remember that it's better to have allies than enemies.


In terms of health, a backache may spoil your day. The pain will be bearable, but you'll feel uncomfortable and won't be able to give your best.

Try to listen to your body and look for ways to get back in shape. Your instinct will tell you what's the best way to act in this case.

Finally, Libra, regarding your emotions, you may be a little careless and unwilling to look inside yourself to take care of all those unresolved issues. 

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