Libra Sunday on a night sky background

Dialogues will help you avoid misunderstandings - Libra Horoscope for Sunday, February 28, 2021

Your priority today will be to calm the waters in all aspects of your life


Those who were born under the sign of Libra will let their friendly side come to the surface and learn to dialogue to avoid misunderstandings. The stars indicate that you have to make some changes regarding your relationship with family and friends and work on your communication.

Have a sincere dialogue with your loved ones, but don't throw anything in their faces. Simply establish some guidelines to improve your relationship. This way you'll be able to reconcile with some close people, which will make you feel a great emotional relief. 

Thanks to your honesty and sincere communication, your relationship with your partner that hasn't been perfect lately will also improve and  you'll rekindle your love life.

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When it comes to your job, the stars will make you feel active. You'll let yourself go and have a lot of fun. Although your working day will start with a lot of pressure, you won't make a mountain out of a molehill.

It's nothing you can't handle. Thanks to your imagination, you'll be able to find creative solutions to resolve conflicts and negotiate various projects.

On the other hand, teamwork will be the best way for everyone to succeed. Throughout the day,  new projects and adventures will awaken your competitive spirit.


As far as your health is concerned, the upcoming season change will affect Libras as you'll go through some transformations when it comes to your behavior. 

You'll realize that you can't change the world on your own, and start changing yourself instead. This is an important step in your emotional maturity.

In terms of your physical health, you won't experience any difficulties on this last day of the month. 

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