Libra Saturday on a night sky background

A fling will turn into something more serious - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, February 27, 2021

It's an ideal day to change aspects of your relationship that weren't working


Libra, your prediction for today reveals that Venus in your fifth house will lead you to a love affair that will be strengthened by the Sun entering the seventh house in the short term. What seemed to be a simple fling, will turn into something much more serious.

When it comes to your family, this passage of Venus through your fifth house also speaks of greater interaction with children, as well as creativity oriented to personal projects, and interest in enjoying travel as a couple.

The singles of this sign should take advantage of these planetary influences to define their feelings. You can no longer let your material or intellectual interests take over your love life.

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As for your job, you'll keep working peacefully. There won't be any changes nor you'll get news. However, it seems that you're ok with that as you aren't looking for new projects.

You're trying to keep up with all your responsibilities without looking any further. And still, you'll have problems when it comes to communication. Administrative issues may also spoil your working day.

However, you'll be determined to perform your tasks in the best possible way. Just be careful with thinking that you're right about everything as this attitude could lead you to various disagreements and misunderstandings.


In terms of health, you should learn to relax and slow down a bit so that stress doesn't take its toll on you.

Spending so much time sitting in front of the computer screen could cause you circulation problems, as well as overweight. Compensate for this sedentary lifestyle with more intense physical activity,  especially at the weekend when you have more free time.

Remember to take care of your eating habits, too, as lately you've indulged your sweet-tooth, which does you no good.

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