Libra Horoscope Saturday 2020

Unfavorable prospects in love - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, September 26, 2020

You'll have to be patient not to throw in the towel today because things will be complicated in all areas of your life


Libra, you'll have to take into account that Venus is in Virgo and therefore behind you, which will worsen your mood and may even lead you to a sentimental crisis. 

In fact, when Venus is passing the twelfth astrological sector (which is the sector of tests), it means blockages in all areas of our lives, especially in relationships. 

Therefore, it's normal you're feeling nervous, agitated, and tense.  You may easily fall into conflicts and arguments. Single Libras will have very few opportunities to meet new people that they'll be attracted to. 

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When it comes to your profession and economy, Mercury in retrograde motion is definitely preparing something new. Once it returns to your sky,  it'll probably bring money or the termination of an agreement or a contract.

Your money matters and things at work aren't progressing much but you have to learn to wait patiently. Towards the end of the month, you'll get some news that will strengthen your economic and professional situation. 

Meanwhile, you have to avoid excessive expenses; otherwise, your income next month won't be able to cover all your needs. It's a good moment to study or get ready for an exam.

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As far as your health is concerned, you may get frustrated about some situations that have caused you problems and difficulties. However, they can be solved. 

In the meantime, you have to take better care of your physical health as Mars in opposition indicates that you're not in your best shape. Therefore, you're at risk of having to face a decreasing phase in terms of energy and also a seasonal discomfort.

Avoid dangerous sports, try not to distract yourself, don't make mistakes at work, at home, or while driving,  and don't overdo it with food, alcohol, or other vices such as smoking.