Libra Thursday on a night sky background

You'll be more willing to commit - Libra Horoscope for Thursday, March 25, 2021

You'll be absolutely committed to everything you're doing today, whether it's your job or relationship


Libra, the Sun conjunct Venus and the Sun in sextile with Saturn will bring you patience, care, and responsibility for your loved ones. For this very reason, it's an excellent moment to commit to your relationship or to find a serious long-term partner.

You could also attract a much younger or perhaps older lover. In either case, it'll be someone very different from the people you usually date. 

Moreover, the stars today will give you some extra energy that will help you carry out all your plans, including those related to your love life.

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When it comes to your job, it must be said that the trine of Saturn in your decan will lead you to constant progress and great achievements due to your patience, determination, and strong sense of duty.

Also, your inner balance and concentration will keep you focused on your goals and plans. All your efforts will bear fruit today. 

It's also  a good time to start a savings plan, pay off debts or make long-term investments in art, jewelry, or real estate. Negotiations and business deals will go smoothly, too. 


As for your health, Jupiter in trine to your decan will reward you with personal growth, good luck, and happiness. You'll feel very optimistic and be eager to experience everything you can.

It's a good time for relationships, traveling, education, and the desire to excel yourself. You'll also be more willing to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

You'll have opportunities to boost your well-being and broaden your horizons. Health will finally become one of your main priorities.

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