Libra Horoscope Friday 2020

You'll be able to manage your relationships better - Libra Horoscope for Friday, October 23, 2020

You'll have to move forward at the necessary pace as changes are inevitable in all aspects of your life


The planet of love and pleasure will transit a related sign facilitating Libra's affective expressions and social and family gatherings. You'll feel more in control when dealing with your relationships.

Venus will also protect you and help you expand your social horizons, which means that you'll be able to make new friends and improve your relationship with the ones you've known for a long time.  

You'll be able to attend to affective issues linked to the stability of your home and the full control of conflicts. This is valid for those who are in a couple, as well as for single Libras, even if they aren't looking for love.

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When it comes to work and economy, it'll be a very favorable period for studies and meetings. You'll be able to express your ideas very clearly.

It's also a good moment for any intellectual activity like reading, teaching, giving lectures, or doing business. Don't be afraid to invest your money if your business is related to fashion, clothes, perfumes, decoration, or artistic objects.

If you wish to prosper in these aspects of your life, you'll have to seize the moment and take advantage of the favorable planetary energies.

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Regarding your health, Pluto, the planet of inevitable changes, keeps influencing Libras from an adverse angle, Capricorn, marking a time of great changes in the orientation of life.

Therefore, you may feel the need to change your environment and to live in an isolated place. Your beliefs, customs, or life in general may require a big change.

This experience will put you to the test. The only solution is to move forward at the necessary pace as changes are inevitable.