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You'll have to learn to let go - Libra Horoscope for Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Your artistic and creative skills will help you succeed in the professional field and in your personal life

There is a motto in astrology that says, "Universal judgement overrides individual judgement". In these agitated days when the world is uniting to fight the pandemic, read our prediction carefully but always be aware of the indications of the authorities.


Libra, today you'll realize that some of your loved ones are following their own path, and even if it hurts, you must let them go. Deep down inside you know it's the best for everyone this way. 

On the other hand, if you have any problem today, a family member who loves you very much will help you solve it. A change of scenery would do you a lot of good, even if you have to wait to carry it out. 

When it comes to single Libras, today's prediction reveals that it only takes one gaze to realize if that person is the one for you. If you put aside your demands, it can become a fairly stable relationship.

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Libra, your horoscope regarding work predicts that it's time to innovate.  Your creative and artistic skills will help you out once you decide to put them into practice. 

You may also get involved in social activities such as helping others, or ecological services and activities. Most importantly, you must be communicative and able to gather a group of people who want to move forward.

As a result, you'll have a successful group that achieves what it sets out to do. The best way to succeed is to have good relationships with your co-workers; don't forget that.


In terms of health, you'll have a good day today as you won't suffer any major discomfort. However, your reproductive organs will be a little weak and there's a chance of catching urinary tract infections or cystitis.

It's essential that you improve your diet to avoid such infections. Above all,  focus on strengthening your natural defenses with lots of vitamin C and anti-inflammatory foods.

Finally, as far as your emotions are concerned, don't forget that the process you're going through will lead you to a new way of seeing and living life, surely more in line with your personal well-being.