The sign of Libra in half a purple circle

You'll be more sociable than ever - Libra Horoscope for Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Your social skills will be essential to make changes to your personal and professional life


Libra, your prediction for today indicates that beneficial Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, will transit in a related sign and help you to express your true feelings in social and family get-togethers.

Likewise,  it's a good moment to expand your social horizons and let pleasant moments improve your relationships in general.

This planetary alignment will help the couples that have been distant lately to bond again. Single Libras may start a new love story. Try to solve the issues related to the stability of your home and complete dominance of conflicts.

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When it comes to your job, Mercury's transit in Libra will boost your creativity and wit and you'll be able to create very inspirational works.

This period will also favor studies and the ability to clearly express your ideas. It's a good moment for any intellectual effort, like reading, teaching, giving conferences, doing business, etc.

Therefore, communication with your colleagues, clients, partners, or other people linked to the company directly or indirectly will be the key today.


In terms of health, Pluto, the planet of inevitable changes, will keep influencing you from an adverse angle, which means that Libras born in the last deanery will go through great changes in life.

You may feel the need to move house and start living in an isolated place. You're also likely to go through a crisis of your beliefs and customs, or your lifestyle in general.

This influence is often experienced as a kind of test at all levels. The only solution is to move forward at the pace this planet demands. Changes are necessary, even more so when they're brought about by the exceptional circumstances we're experiencing today.

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