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Exercise caution when it comes to your relationships - Libra Horoscope for Sunday, February 21, 2021

Try to take more care of what you have, both personally and at work


Libra, today Venus retrograde will affect your communication and understanding with your partner. You will really have to try to stay calm and not trigger conflict; otherwise, you'll enter into a vicious circle of arguments and reproaches.

However, if you have the right attitude, your partner might try to revive the passion and enthusiasm that your relationship lacks, which will strengthen your bond a lot.

Single Libras will be lucky despite the negative influence of Venus.  You might find love in the least expected place today.

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When it comes to your job, you should  take good care of your position at work and avoid all kinds of competition  as it'll only lead you to difficulties. Don't demand anything, as you won't get an optimal response from your superiors today.

Libras who work on their own will be able to advance since they'll make very good and profitable businesses. To achieve that, you'll have to keep in touch with your clients or customers.

Thus, little by little, your purchasing power will increase, but nothing will be achieved without the necessary perseverance, especially in these times of uncertainty.


As for your health, pay a visit to your doctor to get advice on how to increase your defenses. Your immune system is weaker than usual and could become an easy target for infections.

To boost your defenses, you'll have to eat a balanced diet and, above all, rest enough. Follow your doctor's advice to the letter but listen to your common sense, too.

To overcome the discomfort brought to you by Saturn, resort to natural therapies that balance your emotions. Also, you should try to dominate your natural anxiety.

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