Libra Horoscope Monday 2020

A complicated day for those in a relationship - Libra Horoscope for Monday, July 20, 2020

Personal and work-related stress could cause significant damage to your health; fortunately, you'll feel very vital


In general, the apparent balance is not a sign that everything is going well in Libras' relationships. When your partner is unfaithful to you, he/she starts telling lies and one immediately finds out about the betrayal.

If this is your case, you'll be tempted to get back at your partner and cheat on him/her, too. You may not feel loved as you deserve, but you perfectly know that it's not the most intelligent thing you can do. 

On the other hand, this week you could also have a lot of economic and work-related problems, which will affect your relationship negatively. If one of you earns much more money than the other, it may generate various conflicts. 

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Your relationship with your colleagues won't be the best this week, either. You'll be willing to do something completely different and change everything: your environment, workmates, and even your job. 

However, this Monday you'll start looking into the projects you can carry out next autumn. In general, it won't be an easy time for those who work for others.

Now, if you're self-employed, it's time to start managing your working hours better. Make sure you do your best to achieve your objectives so that you can get the expected profits. 

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Libra, according to your horoscope, the beginning of your week will be very tense due to your legal, work or family problems. As a consequence, your health will be affected negatively.

However, you'll have enough energy and vitality to deal with those setbacks. In order to improve your well-being, try some treatments to tone up your body on the outside and cleanse it from the inside.

Finally, keep in mind that your weak nervous system will be the key factor today. You'll have to do everything you can to keep calm and not let your problems drag you down.