Libra Horoscope Saturday 2020

You'll be looking for deeper relationships - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, September 19, 2020

Your luck at work will make some of your colleagues envious; make sure your actions are transparent and clear


Libra, it's time you looked for professional help when it comes to your relationship. Couple counseling will help you overcome obstacles that you can't handle on your own. 

On the other hand, couples who have only been together for a short time will be very passionate and make important decisions regarding their relationship. You'll feel that it's time to take a further step towards a more serious commitment. 

As far as single Libras are concerned, you've had time to reflect on your past relationships and you've realized that you've always paid too much to people's appearance.  From now on you'll try to focus on what really matters: their inner world and what they have to offer. 

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As far as work is concerned, the stars will have a positive influence on your sign and you'll harvest the fruits of your constancy and effort.

It's also possible for you to have new responsibilities and a new salary, which you will celebrate as a well-deserved promotion and a step forward.

However, you should be careful with a colleague who might question your professionalism in front of others. Envy and bad vibes will be around you; therefore, make sure your words and actions are clear and transparent. 


As for your health, you should start doing more exercise (if you haven't done it so far) that makes you feel better. It's also a good time to cleanse your body with the help of some detox herbal teas.

Get rid of the discomfort you've been feeling lately. Natural therapies can actually make a big difference; just choose the most suitable one for your body.

In terms of your emotions, today you'll feel quite hopeful and motivated. You'll start carrying out several plans that will make small but important changes to your daily life.

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