The Libra sign surrounded by stars

Your natural intelligence will be your best tool - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, December 19, 2020

You'll feel under pressure, both at work and in your personal life, but you'll be able to move forward


Love is in the air, Libra, and you aren't likely to let anything stand in your way. However, you'll have to face some conflicts due to unresolved differences regarding your values or backgrounds.

You'll need to take advantage of all your charm and intelligence to deal with this situation.  Your self-determination will help you overcome all obstacles so that you can harness these energies and turn them into love.

On the other hand, these subtle and not so subtle signals you've been sending justify a response. You'll be on fire. If you're single, get ready for a love affair that will last for at least several months.

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At work, the pressure you've been facing means that you have to do something radical to change the situation. It's definitely the right time to bring all your talents together.

Keep in mind that intention is absolutely crucial to achieving a positive outcome and that it's not about giving in to pressure, but going with the flow and taking advantage of the opportunities on your way.

Self-employed Libras will be a little relieved today; things may not be getting much better, but they're not getting worse either. The stars foresee a promising future, but you must stay afloat to see it through.


When it comes to your health, you'll be optimistic today.  Looking back, you'll feel proud of what you've been able to overcome this year.

You'll feel very self-confident because you've got through one of the most difficult years of your life. However, don't let this get into your head, as it could lead you to self-centeredness.

On the other hand, your horoscope suggests you  slow down, take care of your health and relationships, and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

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