Libra Horoscope Sunday 2020

You may get disappointed in love - Libra Horoscope for Sunday, October 18, 2020

A perfect moment to improve your professional skills and listen to your inner voice


Those born under the sign of Libra might have to face disappointment when it comes to love. If you're engaged, your partner will let you down today. Your hurt feelings and mistrust will distance you from your loved one.

You'll feel a little lonely and your friends and family may be eager to give you their advice on how you should act. Remember that in the end, it's only your decision that matters and it's up to you to make the right choices regarding your partner. 

Single Libras will have a lot of adventures but still nothing serious. The stars see that someone is in love with you but he/she doesn't know how to express their feelings. Pay attention to the signals people around are sending you.

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As far as your job is concerned,  Mercury and Jupiter will enhance your creativity and help you make important contacts.  Your diplomatic skills will save you from complicated situations and elevate you above any adverse circumstances.

If you're planning to retake your studies or start a new course, it's a perfect moment to do that.

In general terms, you'll have a lot of energy and feel ready for anything on your way. You'll take advantage of any opportunity to have fun, grow, or reach new goals in the professional field.

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In terms of health, you'll be able to unblock various situations. Go with the flow you'll see that your projects will finally evolve in a concrete way.

You'll surely find the right balance between taking care of your loved ones and taking care of yourself. Otherwise, it'll be very difficult for you to move forward as you'll have to face some setbacks.

Finally, Libra,  remember to always listen to your inner voice when you're in the middle of a crossroads, and above all, don't let external events or information manipulate or interfere with your life goals.

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