Libra Horoscope Saturday 2020

Every path has its puddle - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, July 18, 2020

You'll start losing your energy and the best way to regain your vitality is sunbathing and breathing slowly


Today the stars predict that even those couples who struggle with the various issues on a daily basis have lately have managed to take the situation into their own hands and solve some home-related problems.

In fact, you're doing a quite good job. If someone starts complaining, you'll manage to make them come to their senses. However, you may also have a desire to get away from your relationship, even though you won't put it into practice.

Single Libras have a very strong desire to love although it's quite dormant due to the circumstances.  Your crush may not be available or your ideas about a relationship don't quite coincide with those of the person you like. 

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Professionally speaking,  Libras are building a stronger foundation to start all over. You've been working very hard lately to ensure that everything flows more naturally and linearly.

The direction you've chosen is right; you just have to define the steps you have to take towards your goal and make others follow you. 

In some cases, you must learn to protect yourself from customers, leaders, or outsiders who create chaos.  Always keep in mind that we cannot change others' behavior, but we can create our own order and stick to it. 


As for your health, you've been very vital lately, but today you'll start losing your energy, Libra. Mars leaving your sign will free you from tension, but at the same time, take away your enthusiasm.

The best thing you can do to counteract this loss of energy is to raise your vibration.  There is nothing better than sunbathing, even if it's only for ten minutes, and breathing slowly.

Even if you think that something so simple will not have any effect, you'll see excellent results, especially if you turn these simple tips into your daily habits. Just don't forget the sunscreen!