Libra Saturday on a sky background

New opportunities, but also obstacles - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, April 17, 2021

It will be quite a dual day, as good news will overlap with possible problems


The love of those Libras who are committed to their partner will be enhanced. You'll be eager to strengthen your sentimental ties, which will surprise everyone around you.

Some of the changes you're about to go through may affect your relationship negatively, but you'll be able to overcome all the obstacles on the way.

Single Libras will be benefited by the new people who will enter their lives. Friendship will become your true treasure and for many, it'll mean the beginning of a new relationship that will be an important union. 


When it comes to your job, you'll be accompanied by both good luck and bad fortune, which will lead to great successes and also uncomfortable failures.

Pay attention to the opportunities, as you'll have a chance to improve your financial situation, as well as to climb a career ladder, but this trend alone won't make a difference.

Don't relax and be as conscious as possible as you run the risk of missing out on the opportunities that lie ahead. Perseverance and being attentive at work will help you take advantage of the favorable trend that the stars have prepared for you. 


As for your health, the stars foresee the possibility of developing bad habits and/or addictions. Stay away from alcohol and any other drugs, especially on weekends.

The horoscope warns you that you may perceive alcohol as a way to relieve stress. Beware of its adverse effects, as it can trigger cardiovascular and nervous problems.

Instead, spend more time outdoors and do more sports. There are other much healthier and more productive ways to relieve stress.

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