Libra Horoscope Monday 2020

It's time to solve stagnant issues - Libra Horoscope for Monday, November 16, 2020

You have the support of the stars to carry out those decisions that you haven't dared to make before


Since 13th November, Mars started moving directly through the seventh house of Libra, the house of relationships, partnerships, and marriage. As a result, your doubts regarding your relationship will be cleared in the second half of the month.

Your life as a couple may change as you could get the news you've been waiting for since September. It's also possible that your partner makes an important decision regarding your relationship, but it won't be something you've expected.

Mars and Venus are in opposite signs and it's very likely that you and your partner will have very different opinions. However, the opposition always opens the way to reconciliation and balance, rather than each of you sticking to your own viewpoints.

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In the professional field, the conjunction between Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Libra's house of work, and Pluto, the ruler of your house of money, will be reconstructed; therefore, you should take advantage of it to make the decisions regarding your life changes that you've always wanted to make but have never dared to.

Take advantage of this moment as the stars foresee a crisis related to your career in the near future. It can be something related to collaborations or a company abroad; in any case, you should be ready for some unexpected changes. 

You could also have some problems related to exams or tests you have to take at work to improve your professional skills in order to climb your career ladder. 

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When it comes to your health, some Libras may feel neglected and unappreciated, which will make you feel discouraged. However, things are better than they seem.

Devote some time for yourself and your soul. Try to find a strategy to make peace with your past by yourself or with some outside help. 

You have the opportunity to end an old and painful chapter of your life related to your personal history or family ties and begin a new emotional cycle.

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