Libra Horoscope Thursday 2020

You'll be very sensitive, which could lead to problems - Libra Horoscope for Thursday, July 16, 2020

Stress and arguments at work will affect your health; look for ways to manage your impulses


Libra, today you'll focus on the emotions that lie beyond the words. It'll be a quite uneasy situation because it'll force you to face thorny arguments, take things head-on, and talk openly about issues you don't feel comfortable with.

When it comes to things that make you feel anxious, try to clarify the message you're trying to get across.  You may be misunderstood, or not able to explain yourself well, which will make you or others jump to hasty and often incorrect conclusions.

Single Libras may not be able to express themselves in the right way when communicating with the person they want to conquer. However, don't give up. 

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The demands, difficulties in communication, and misunderstandings at work will make you feel exhausted by the end of the day.

If you get out of the argument before things get worse and don't feel the need to prove your intellectual superiority, you'll be able to make things better. Leave your aspirations for another, more suitable moment.

On the other hand,  if you take advantage of your diplomatic skills, everything that seems impossible to solve will probably take a more satisfactory course.


As far as your health is concerned, today you may suffer from stress-related headaches. Try to take things easy; after all, you're absolutely capable of weighing up the pros and cons of every situation and keeping calm. 

On an emotional level, disputes at work and misunderstandings in personal relationships may not only worsen your headaches but also boost your cortisol levels and weaken your immune system.

Try to mentally distance yourself from all these processes and find a place in your mind that provides you with equanimity. It's not a matter of escaping or becoming insensitive, but of regaining your self-control.