The sign of Libra with a black starred background

It's time for action - Libra Horoscope for Friday, January 15, 2021

When it comes to love and work, everything depends on whether you're ready to take action


You'll feel adventurous and optimistic, and your sensuality will become more powerful. Venus will take care of your family life and help you express all the love you feel.

On the other hand, try to be a little more sensitive and take into account your partner's feelings.

If you're single, today you'll have an opportunity to meet someone special.  Mars could lead you to love at first sight and it'll depend on you to make it last. 

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When it comes to your job, it's a good moment to ask for relocation or a pay rise. If you aren't satisfied with your current conditions, you should make the change before the middle of the year.

Your ambitions could slowly come into action with the help of good contacts and experienced people in your professional field of interest.

The planets present in your sign will help you take some important steps. In this regard, Jupiter may provide some forms of expansion for those in business. However, stay active as it doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels.


In terms of health, your immune system will depend on your energy levels. Take advantage of your positive energy to make constructive plans. In comparison to the previous years, you'll be in great shape.

And still, you should follow a balanced diet and avoid very spicy food and bad eating habits. You should also try to balance your physical and mental effort.

Don't get too stressed and take some time off to calm down when you feel you need it.  Listen to your body and remember that each symptom is trying to tell you something.

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