Libra Horoscope Saturday 2020

You'll enjoy things as if they were unique - Libra Horoscope for Saturday, August 15, 2020

You'll finally dare to open your heart and leave the fear of being betrayed behind


Libra, your horoscope regarding love reveals that today you'll learn to love without measuring the consequences. That fear of being betrayed that kept you from enjoying yourself one hundred per cent will finally disappear.

Your new perspective of love will lead you to enjoy every minute of it. Instead of giving in to fear of suffering, you'll be taken over by joy and happiness. 

The singles of the sign will put themselves to the test. You'll try to become more flexible and self-confident when opening your heart. 

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When it comes to working, you'll finally see the light.  All the effort you've made will start bearing fruit, which means you'll be rewarded with economic benefits. 

You're also likely to be offered to associate or be part of a start-up business in some way. It's a perfect time to get involved, but you must analyze all the features first and make sure they're worthwhile.

Those who work on their own will receive help from outside, either in the form of ideas or by contributing material, products, or services.

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As for your health, you might have a muscle problem today that will be very annoying. Although you don't have to pay a visit to the doctor, you'll have to pay more attention to your own body.

Listen to your body and appreciate it for all its daily work and perfect functioning, not from a superficial or aesthetic point of view but from a deeper and holistic perspective.

A holistic approach means looking at your body as a whole and not singling out any area in particular, such as losing weight or improving resistance. It's not just exercise and diet that effects our bodies; environment, stress levels, sleep patterns, and mental health are also essential factors. Take them all into account when trying to achieve overall wellbeing.