Libra Wednesday on a sky background

You'll open up to new people and experiences - Libra Horoscope for Wednesday, April 14, 2021

You'll have several occasions to give more of yourself and receive many positive things in return


Libra, your prediction regarding love says that today, thanks to Jupiter and your hedonistic nature, you'll open up to many people at the same time. You'll be able to fit in at social gatherings, but when it comes to your intimate relationships, Pluto will make you more demanding.

If you want to maintain your friendships, you'll have to give your best, but at the same time not be too intrusive.

In addition, Uranus will encourage you to reach out to new people who will offer you unique and novel experiences regarding your lifestyle, hobbies and work.


When it comes to your job, although you may experience some misunderstandings and setbacks, you'll be able to boost your decisiveness, determination and enthusiasm.

Moreover, professional and financial opportunities will come your way and strengthen your position at work.

Even if you have to face other colleagues, you'll come out on top. In general,  any contract you have to sign or job interview you have to attend will go smoothly.


As far as your health is concerned, Jupiter will take care of it. You'll be relaxed, easy-going and in a good mood most of the time today. Saturn will make you strong and endow you with energy that will encourage you to move forward and progress.

If you feel stressed, spending some time alone and self-reflection will help you not become overwhelmed by anxiety.  

Take advantage of all your free moments to rest. Have mini naps and/or go to bed earlier. This simple formula will make you feel much better not only physically but also mentally, as a calm mind will help you avoid stress and anxiety. 

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