Libra Sunday on a sky background with shooting stars

You will feel at a dead end - Libra Horoscope for Sunday, April 11, 2021

Beware of your negative thoughts if you don't want to end up depressed


Libra, today you'll be immersed in a passionate romance. Those who aren't in a relationship will have a chance to bond with someone more than they expected. It'll take you by surprise, but you definitely won't regret it. 

Libras who have a partner will go through different stages, from romantic affection to the most intense eroticism.

It's also likely that you'll start a relationship with someone born under the sign of Cancer. It'll be a very intense love affair and may last for a long time as the stars foresee that both of you will be ready for commitment. 


When it comes to your job,  you'll be able to make wise decisions that will ensure your future economy.

You might have to go on a business trip to find new sources of income. However, you'll need some time to decide whether it's actually worth it and if this project is something you want to carry out. 

Those who work on their own will have to deal with their partner's whims today. He/she will be eager to make a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of each situation in order to avoid difficulties. In the end, creativity will be your secret weapon.


As for your health, stress will play the main role today. You have thousands of things to do and don't even know where to start from. This situation will lead you to pessimistic thoughts. 

You'll have a feeling that you work too much and earn too little. Libra, you should stop and think about what kind of life you actually want to lead.

These thoughts will haunt you all day long, and it doesn't have to be negative, but don't give in to hopelessness or the feeling of being stuck in a dead end.

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