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Your friendships will mean the world to you - Libra Horoscope for Monday, August 10, 2020

You'll feel that you have a second chance in all areas of your life, including health and relationships

Libra Horoscope Monday, 10 August 2020
Your Libra Horoscope for Monday, August 10, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


Libra, your prediction for today reveals that your friends will be the centre of your life. You'll decide to take time to get to know everything about your closest friendships and spend more time with them.

If you're in a relationship, you'll be very excited about sharing life's little pleasures with your partner. Despite some misunderstandings that may trigger a little bit of friction between you two, you'll be able to bond at the end of the day.

The singles of the sign will also be eager to expand their social circle. You'll meet new people and have the feeling that you've known them all your life.

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As far as your work is concerned, you'll have a lot of energy and throw yourself into new challenges, especially those that help to improve everyone's well-being. The competition doesn't scare you and your intuition is at its best.

Even on vacation you can't sit still and always need to do something to avoid boredom. You're passionate about your work and that satisfies you. Even if a colleague tries to trip you up, he/she won't be able to stop you.

Even if you come up against some obstacles, Jupiter and Saturn will make a difference and lead you to the expected results. The strength of these planets will make you feel almost invincible.


In terms of health, you'll feel particularly sensitive to the environment around you today. Pay attention to negative energies and try to avoid them. You'll have to face several tense moments, but there's nothing to worry about; they won't last.

At the end of the day, serenity will make its way through tough moments. It's just a matter of staying centred and away from anything that hurts you, including your own negative thoughts.

Today you'll learn from your mistakes and thus gain great mental strength to end the day on a positive note.

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